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I do appreciate that most of my Clients are new to the wedding industry.  An industry that demands quick decisions, early commitments and  knowledge on how each vendor or service works . It is a lot to grasp and become familiar with in a little time.

So to give you a little advantage on understanding how the wedding photography service I offer works, here are the most frequently asked questions and answers, that I hope you find informative.


Where are you based?

I am based in Ely, Cambridgeshire, however I happily travel for weddings throughout England and the whole UK.

What style of photography do you offer?

My style is a blend of fine art portraiture and creative photojournalism. With a romantic twist that is! In simple terms it means that all portraits taken of you are set to create a beautiful, timeless imaginary in a emotive storytelling manner. For some of those portraits I will direct you a little, posing-, angle- and light-wise (i.e. Bride and Groom portraits, family formals), for some I will blend in with the guests and creatively tell the story of your day as it unfolds (pre-ceremony emotions, walk down the aisle, vows, first married kiss and all the celebrations afterwards). My aim is to be a part of your wedding with minimum intrusion but maximum result. Unique requests or help in coming up with ideas are always welcome. Have a look below: a time-lapse, miniaturising or sparklers – were all fun to photograph!


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What are your prices?

The prices can be found in the Wedding Photography Collections tab on my website or by clicking the round icon at the end of this page.

Are there any travel costs?

There are no travel costs charges within East Anglia. The travel and accommodation charges for Weddings further afield and abroad, if any, will be confirmed prior to making the decision re booking.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, not at all.  I operate on a totally transparent pricing policy allowing you to commit to the wedding photography service knowing exactly how much, when and what are you paying for.

How many images will we receive from our wedding, when and in what form?

All my Wedding Photography Collections include a full collection of photos in digital format. There is no limit of images taken, edited (also in black and white) and supplied to you on the personalised usb after the wedding. On average a 10 hour wedding results in 750+ images in your gallery. Within 4 weeks you will receive an invitation to your online password protected wedding gallery. It is a very elegant, multifunctional and easy to load and share platform that looks like your own wedding website. The complete collection of your wedding images will also be presented to you on the personalised usb in a leather case.

Do you have a second photographer?

Second professional photographer comes as an extra option available to you. I am a part of a networking group of professional photographers and second shooters, so it can be organised easily and effectively. Nonetheless, you are very welcome to view any full gallery from the weddings photographed by myself (click here to choose which one) and judge by yourselves whether you actually need one. In all honesty, I believe it benefits me more than you, as all crucial parts of the day are photographed on two cameras anyway and there is no need for duplicate images. Having two photographers doesn’t double the number of final images but makes the process of taking them easier.

Why are your prices based on the hours required to photograph our wedding day?

The main reason behind it is that weddings vary in schedule and your personal desires so having a number of hours dedicated to your wedding means you don’t end up paying for more than you need. If my typical working hours on a full day wedding would be 10am to 8pm, but you didn’t get married until 2pm in the afternoon, you will end up with 4 hours coverage of morning preparations and only 6 hours of the actual wedding celebrations, 2 of which are spent eating. Not ideal to showcase the story of your wedding at all. Also every hour spent photographing a wedding results in around 4 hours of postproduction time i.e. backing up, downloading, editing and retouching, converting, backing up again, uploading the gallery and transferring to the usb. Having Wedding Photography Collections based on hours allows me to be totally transparent and fair to all my Clients. Equality those who require less wedding coverage, without morning preparations for example. In addition, I would never leave the wedding once the contracted hours are up, even if the schedule runs behind, unless Bride and Groom are happy for me to do so.

What if we need less or more photography hours during our wedding day?

That’s perfectly fine. Please let me know what hours you do require in order to receive the fair quote. This can also be assessed at our non obligatory initial meeting or phone conversation.

Do you offer special mid-week or out of season prices?

No, I don’t. The quality of my work and commitment remains the same regardless the day of the week or season. Similar, I do not charge extra or double for Bank Holiday dates or New Year’s Eve dates.

Do we need an engagement shoot?

Well, it’s all up to you. I certainly do not need to photograph you before the wedding to produce amazing images on the day. All posing instructions and little tricks to put you at ease are shared on the day anyways. More than that, you will also know me personally before the wedding, so I won’t be a complete stranger pointing big camera at you. But if you feel it would benefit you to have an engagement photo session after all (to keep the photographic memory of the early years together or to test my creativity and style), I will be more than happy to oblige. Thrilled to photograph two people in love, in fact!

Do you take any group photos?

Oh yes, I do. We refer to them as formal portraits, which you will be obliged to provide a full list of prior to the wedding. There is nothing worse than wasting time on the day coming up with the group variations or, heaven forbid, forgetting someone important. Having a list of formal portraits will ensure they are done pleasantly and efficiently. We also take great care in posing and details during these portraits, and I must say, guests do enjoy it!

Do you require a meal?

No, I and my assistant do not require a meal on the day. We do however nip away to eat our home brought food whilst you and your guests enjoy the wedding breakfast. If you wish to provide us with the vendors meal, we would certainly be grateful but please don’t feel obliged to.

Do we meet you before the wedding to talk about our plans?

Yes, at least twice if not more. We can also visit your venue together during the week. Weekends are unfortunately much harder to arrange, both from the venue’s side and mine photography commitments.

Are you insured?

Absolutely. I carry full public liability insurance.

What if it rains?

We shoot! We shoot outdoors with umbrellas and creative lighting – trust me, raindrops frozen by the flash create the most spectacular scenery for cuddled up images. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen are more than welcome to join in. We shoot indoors all the formals and more of Bride and Groom portraits. We make it play to our advantage. The bad weather will not prevent the artistic outtakes but enhance them and make them more unique.

rain-on-the-wedding-day rain-on-the-wedding-day rain-on-the-wedding-day

How do we book you for our wedding?

Please do get in touch via the contact tab or email to confirm the availability for your wedding date. I will be thrilled to hear from you, excited and inspired by your story ready to capture your wedding day in both unique and storytelling way. Your images will be amazing!

What happens if you get sick?

I have never missed a wedding (cross fingers, touch wood!). I have never even been ill to a wedding. So by saying ‘sick’ we mean an almost deadly state of health or total immobilisation. Therefore should something very unfortunate happen to me, I will call on a fellow photographer either locally or within the mentioned above UK networking group to cover your Wedding in the highly professional manner. It will be my highest priority to provide you with the replacement, even if it is from the hospital bed.




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