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Where are you based?

I am based in Ely, Cambridgeshire in its quiet and safe residential area with free car parking. The photo session will take place in my home studio, which means you are invited to come to my house, kick off your shoes and make yourself comfortable. If you are missing out on an important TV show or game, you are most welcome to watch it here too!

What age is the best for my baby’s photo session?

Baby has to be between 5-14 days new. In the photography world the newborn stage lasts only 2 weeks. It sounds crazy, I know! Especially as they are in their newborn stage for many more weeks than that. Nonetheless, these first 14 days is the safest and most comfortable time to be photographed for the little ones themselves. They do sleep most of the time, they naturally curl in the womb like poses and they do not startle and wake when touched. Once 2 weeks has gone past, the change in their behaviour is very noticeable (generally speaking as every baby is different). They are no longer effortlessly posable but enjoying their space, they are more alert and being touched might unsettle or upset them quickly.

When should I book?

It is recommended to book in shortly after the 20-week scan. My diary is usually full 6-8 weeks ahead from Feb to Dec.

My baby is already born. Am I too late to book a newborn photo session?

Please do enquire about the last minute availability as soon as you can. Most of my booked little Clients arrive either before or after their due date and while they are guaranteed to be photographed within first 14 days, sometimes the gaps might allow for the new booking. In such case, if your baby is 14 days new or younger, we will schedule a newborn session within 72 hours, if the baby is older, we will decide on the next step according to baby’s best interest at the time.

Do you photograph older children or families?

Due to the demand of the newborn portrait sessions not as often as I would like. But I do love them a lot and I used to photograph many gorgeous families in the previous years. Who knows, I might long for a variety during the rare in-between periods, so please feel free to enquire about the availability.

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Do you take pregnancy photos?

Yes, I do and love them lots! Expecting a baby is nothing short of a miracle. One of the most special and extraordinary experiences in any woman’s life. One that should definitely be cherished and remembered in beautiful photographs forever. The maternity photo session takes place between 32 and 36 week of your pregnancy. It is fully customised to your taste, in either glamorous, candid, fun, intimate or mystic style. It happens on location (meadow, forest, city, sea side or orchard) or in the studio. For more information please do get in touch.

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Can my older children be included in some pictures?

Most certainly! And both yourselves too! Family and siblings portraits are very important in my opinion. I can only imagine what emotional value they will have to your baby in the future! There is, for that very reason, no additional charge for siblings and mum and dad portraits at the photo session. Please be assured that flattering angles and lights are used during every part of the session.

What do I need to bring to my photo session?

Only yourselves, the baby, baby’s bag and anything special you wish to have photographed with the baby. We will discuss it all in great detail during the creative part of a consultation.

What should we wear?

Again, this will be discussed in more detail at the consultation stage. But simple is best. Please dress light also as studio will be kept very warm during your baby’s session. All baby outfits and accessories are provided as part of your fine art newborn photo session. Maternity gowns are also supplied at our cost for the Miracle of Life photo sessions.

How long will it last?

Newborn sessions last from three to four hours, including the time spent feeding, changing and soothing your baby.

Do you have experience/training in photographing newborn babies safely?

Whilst this is (very worryingly!) not a frequently asked question at all, I would like to ask you to remember to use it every time you enquiring about a photo session for your new baby.

Newborn photography is a very specialist genre of photography. It is very demanding safety- and skills-wise and requires training and gradual development in equally baby posing techniques, safety and editing skills. It surprises my Clients constantly how certain images are achieved and how relieved they feel when their baby is at no risk, no matter how small it might be. Look at the image below.


It’s a composite. In one of the original images, Buddy was laying next to the bucket, just as on the final picture, but looking at the snack in mummy’s hand slightly above the bucket. In the second image, beautiful Evelyn was posed in the bucket alone, spotted closely by mummy, while Buddy was eating his snacks in the corridor. He was also on a leash at all times despite being the most gentle and friendly dog I have ever met.

To answer the questions above, yes, I am professionally trained in newborn posing and safety and very confident in both handling babies and using the editing software to protect them from harm. More than that, the safety of your baby is the utmost priority during the photo session meaning that even some beanbag poses will not be performed if baby is showing any signs of discomfort.

How soon can I see my images?

The complete set of images will be available to you at the in person viewing and ordering appointment approximately 2-3 weeks after the session.

Can I purchase the digital files?

Yes, of course you can. We are all guilty of wanting the digital images and keeping them in our archives. I am as well, both personally and professionally. And while I hope I can enjoy/use them in many years to come, the reality is that once they end up on the external drive, they are staying there forever. Pictures of my boys when they were born, originally stored on the computer we no longer have, (not even the one after that one), moved to a ‘safe’ place on cds (that I’m sure I can still find if I look hard enough) were never viewed again in their digital format. But the ones that were printed are at hand and enjoyed frequently. Some in frames, some in albums, some still in loose piles in the photo drawer. So while you are welcome to purchase only the digital files from your session, please do print them as well. Only then will they become true heirlooms of your family and your children’ memories as they grow up.

Are all images in black and white also?

Prior to your viewing session only the ones I feel are suitable for black and white conversion. You are welcome to select other ones at the viewing session, although all advice will be given to maintain the high standard of your beautiful images. Black and white images are not counted towards the guaranteed 20-30 images.

What does copyright mean?

And here comes another not-so-frequent question in the FAQ section. Last one I promise!

Copyright is an automatic legal right, exclusive and assignable to its originator/creator for a limited number of years (a minimum of life plus 25 years in a photographic industry). It grants the creator of an original work (including literary, dramatic, musical, artistic and other intellectual works) exclusive and immediate rights for its use and distribution.

The distribution, in a photography case, means making the original art work available to purchase in print and/or digital format. Such purchase comes with conditions and attached licenses. These will determine how the purchased art work can legally be used. Displaying the original artwork by the creator does not equal distribution but right of use and therefore does not grant any rights to said art work by it’s viewer.

By purchasing the digital files from your photo session, however, and being the recipient of the copyrighted property, you are granted a limited print license (a license to make unlimited prints, canvases, cards etc. from your high resolution images for strictly personal use) and a limited copyright licence (a license to share your low resolution images on social media for strictly personal use).

The copyright remains entirely the property of the Photographer at all times.




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