Maternity Photography Cambridge – Angela + Philip

Maternity Photography cambridge

If you are looking for an inspiration or still deciding whether to have your pregnancy photos taken, have a look here. Angela and Philip were expecting their first baby and wanted to have this new experience captured in photographs. Not to create a record of it but to show their daughter how excited they were and how much loved she was even before she was born. And to bring all these memories and emotions back whenever needed. Because, no matter how hard you try, once your baby is born, they will fade away very quickly.

What better way to do that than to create an artistic legacy in a style that suits you best?

For Angela and Philip, we have picked a gorgeous location in Cambridge and met there late in the evening. I loved every single photo we have taken! There is loads of emotions and affection in these pictures and I am sure all three of them will cherish these photographs forever.

maternity photography cambridge

angela-philip-59-copy angela-philip-67-copy angela-philip-62-copy angela-philip-45-copy angela-philip-50-copy angela-philip-72-copy angela-philip-73-copy angela-philip-85-copy angela-philip-86-copy angela-philip-1 angela-philip-5 angela-philip-12-copy angela-philip-7 angela-philip-10

cambridge maternity photographer maternity-photographer-cambridge-ely

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