I’m Marta, a professional portrait and wedding photographer and owner of MLV Photography based in Ely, Cambridgeshire.

My story have begun in the 80’s and it instantly became the biggest surprise to my parents when two babies, not one, were born prematurely in the early spring.  Yes, I have twin brother who is five minutes younger than me! We had a blast growing up together and there are millions of funny family stories to remind us of it. Mainly because we were so different in our temperaments. Me all bossy and daring and him the cuddly, not so brave thinker. Still, I did include him in every agenda I had my mind set to. It took some solid persuasion to make him climb a 5ft fence and a little push to reach the ground on other side when we were four, I tell you! Luckily no bones were broken that day. I did brake his front tooth in half few years later though… The permanent one…


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Growing up I didn’t really know who to become professionally. I still think (and my hubby supports that statement) that I would have made a pretty good prosecutor or lawyer but sincerely disliked my history teacher in high school so never attempted entry exams to the law school. There is nothing worse in the world than discrimination, cruelty and unfairness and I am naturally drawn to stand against them all. Even watching movies about them is outside my emotional limits. So, by the process of elimination I have decided to study economics.

Luckily I got to travel during my high school summer holidays and later during the university and developed the appreciation for different cultures, landscapes and shopping centres. There were two most important trips abroad of them all – first one when I got my first ever camera and quickly discovered that I am rubbish at photographing landscapes (despite being in Switzerland!). And one of the university UK ones when I met my future husband. After two years of travelling between UK and Poland and graduating  (since this page is all about me I should mention I am a Msc in Economics with distinction) we have rented out our first flat and the rest is history!

Today we are a complete family of four:


And this is our newest furriest addition:


Becoming a mum turned me into a full time paparazzi. I wanted to keep every day of my first born son’s life fresh in our memory forever. Plus he was so entertaining it was impossible not to document it in photographs. There is the saying that to become a photographer you have to take at least 10 000 photos first. I did take few times more than that, thousands were printed but I have never had a desire to become a professional photographer then. It happened soon after our second son was born then years of solid learning and training followed.


Today I am the happiest I could be. Having a loving and healthy family, an almost potty trained puppy, working with so many great people and witnessing their biggest moments in life, it the best thing ever! All of the above life experiences, having a twin brother included, made me compassionate and appreciative of other people. Confident in taking charge or posing and naturally tuned into emotive storytelling. Being a perfectionist and knowing that I can create high end legacy for my Clients at their most important milestones fuels my artistic drive and inspires to be unique.

So I can not wait to hear from you too! Don’t be shy, get in touch and let’s start creating the artistic images of you and your loved ones.


With love,






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